About the Application Hexedit:

This Hexadecimal-Editor is completely compatible with all Windows systems that have a Terminal. It is
developed for editing, translating, changing and viewing of hexadecimal Code and runs in 32- and 64-Processor Bits.

The Design of the Editor is curently inbuilt in Terminal because the Application is built with a special Library.
All Features are accessible in a Menu laying at the Bottom of the Window and this is taking Function-Keys for to access.
Both, all Hexadecimal-Characters and all ASCII-Alphabet-Characters of a File, that is loaded, are displayed in a Window that is separated as a Hexadecimal-Textfield (Left) and Text-Column (Right). The Converting from each to other is always possible.

Every File opened can be stored into a equal File on your Harddisk.

The Download is free and contains also a Set of Tools
for Editing in the Hexadecimal-System.

These Tools are Siema-Software.
Get your free Hexeditor and Tools today!
License: Freeware

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