About the In-Terminal-Texteditor cedit:

This beautiful Texteditor was develped in a portable C-Standard using the Intersection below.
Within Supporting Clipboard and Search-Functions is the Editor designed in a cool Style aviable for Windows.
Its design is modular colorized in the C-Language. Developers can build with the Source-Code of libcedit.a also
a free defined Colorizing-Template-File with can be used for this Tool as implementing other Languages.

This File is called "c-lang.c". Contents of the Language-Colorizing-Definition-File are:

  • Line/Block-Comments
  • Color-Stop-Word-Buffers of 3 Types
  • Paranthesis-Parsing of ({[]})
  • 9 simple Type-dependent Color-Definitions
  • 7 diffrent Input-Keys for Control-Behaviour.

For the Development-Supporting-Dependent Intersection is used:

  • Windows: "PDCurses" / Mac: "ncurses" / Linux: "ncurses"

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License: Freeware.

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