The Auto-Lookup-Tool expands your requested Files into a Subdirectory back into your Project-Folder.

The Search-Query can contain a Pattern of Filenames, Foldernames and the Wildcard-Sign (*).
You can give in the Search-Query for the input and all Archives will be indexed for it.
After this, the Application extracts the files from the Archive into Subdirectories in your Project-Folder.

The Subdirectory-Name can be choosen by editing the "Configuration.ini"-File. The Default is "bak".
The Extraction into a Subdirectory is a safe Way to restore your Files. No Duplicate Names and no overwriting can happen.

The Console Key-ins are One-Line-Expressions, ending with a Line-Break:

You will see the Entries of the Zip-Archive in a Table, containing several Informations:

After this will you be asked for to retrieve the Backup-Serial-Number for to restore the selected Files.