AutoIndexer.exe can be used to read out the Content of a Zip-Archive.
This is useful for developing a Indexing-Application using the Tool AutoIndexer.exe as Core.

The usage is enabled through Windows Commands.
You can write your Bat-File as following:

  1. Change the Active Directory to the Tool-Folder-Path with the Command "cd"
  2. Insert a Line-Break
  3. Write the Name of the Tool like: "AutoIndexer.exe"
  4. Fill in the Path and Filename of your Archive with the Ending
  5. Add the Sequence > or >> separated with Spaces
  6. Append your Storage-File-Path as the Output-File
  7. Insert a Line-Break

The Arguments are Space-Separated.
Use Quotes (" ") around a Path containing white spaces.
Path-Arguments contain a "\" between the Foldernames.

You will find then every Information about the Archives in the Output-File.