Users Manual

Explanation of Auto-Backup.exe and Auto-Lookup.exe:

  1. Specify first your Backup-Directory in the File "Configuration.ini", and set there the Path to it
  2. You can also specify there the Name of the Subdirectory where the Files wil be restored - the Default is "bak"
  3. The usage of this Tools is to make a Link of them and fill in the Directory-Path you want to save into "Link: Properties: Run in Directory"
  4. After this Operation can you move the Alias into your Project-Directory and run it whenever you want

The usage of the Tools:

When your Conslole prompts the Word "Include" or the Word "Exclude", fill in the File or Subdirectory or Ending (Example: *.txt) or * (means everything)
in, or use the Placeholder-Sign (This is: *) to define the Content of your Backup Archive.
Define your Contents from the Directory-Path where the Link is stored and relative to your Project-Directory.

About AutoIndexer.exe:

The Zip-Archive for retrieving Informations has to be placed in the Backup-Directory with the Project-Name.

You can also download the ReadMe-Doc: