Developers Notices

Automatic Usage of the Tools for C-Programmers:

The C-Code providing the Tools can be made with a Input-File.
This File can contains multiple Lines with the Key-ins for the Tools, every Line is a Input.
For the Tools are they the automatic Input.

The Command-Line for Windows Commands is then made as following:

  1. Change the Active Path into the Project-Directory with "cd ..."
  2. Insert a "&" with Spaces around it
  3. Apply The Tool with the Path and the Name
  4. Insert the Sequence "<" with Spaces enclosing
  5. Give the Input from the Input-File as the Path of it

In C-Code: You can send this Composed Line to the System-Command and it will use the Tools automatic.


The Progrmmers can use a free License for the Tools, they are Shareware.