The Auto-Backup-Tool compresses the selected Files, selectable with a Pattern containing Filenames, Foldernames
and the Wildcard-Sign (*) into a Backup-Directory with a Subdirectory called the same Name as the Project-Folder-Name.

The Backup-Directory is defined in the File "Configuration.ini", you can specify it there.

The Tool is runned by a Alias from the Directory you want, the Archive-Name will be then
named with the same Name as the Project-Folder-Name and a ascending Number.
The Console-Application compresses your Files by using the *.zip-Compression.

The Console Key-ins are Line separated, the following Inputs are required:

Console Key-ins:

After the Compression-Runtime are the Archives stored and always accessible for the Tool AutoLookup.exe.
The Filename contains also the Name-Suffix. Example: "" of "",
and the Annotations are visible in a Lookup with AutoLookup.exe.

The Usage of the Tool is to run a Link of AutoBackup.exe in a Folder, giving in the Input - that's all.